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A yellow shop that appears on the Seven Dials Treasure Hunt.


This treasure hunt combines a collection of truly eclectic streets, passages and tucked away courtyards to create a route that is fascinating to explore and a true joy to discover.

Despite the fact that the places you will venture into are just a stone's throw from Trafalgar Square, the West End's busy hub, you'll discover places that will prove a genuine surprise, so unique are they in character and ambiance.


You'll duck into hidden passageways, the entrances to which are so narrow you might easily pass them by without realising that they are there.

People taking part in the Seven Dials Treasure Hunt.

Once you've entered them a whole other side of London will greet you.

You'll spot flickering gas lamps, the flames of which appear to have remained extinguished for over a hundred years.

You'll traipse through cobbled courts that are lined with old, old and older houses, each one of which seems to hark back to a long ago, and more sedate, age.

You'll uncover bizarre pieces of street furniture that will have you puzzling over their intended purpose.

You'll gaze upon stately statues to some of the famous, and some of the infamous, heroes and villains of English history - men and women who performed some of the most despicable acts imaginable, just so that they could find themselves included on our Seven Dials and Covent Garden treasure hunt!

You'll see some great places that will, most certainly, tickle your fancy, so much so that you'll want to make a mental note of their locations in order to return to them when the heat of the competition is not blazing close on your trail in the robust form of the opposing treasure hunt teams.

All of these amazing discoveries, hidden as they are from the view of the every day passerby, will, quite literally, become your secrets that you will guard jealously, especially from the advances of the competing teams who will be on their own missions to root out these true treasures of bygone London.

And, of course, they must be stopped at all costs, no matter what it takes!


You'll even come across the Queen of crime herself, Agatha Christie, as you try and solve the numerous brain teasers that will be set for you in the course of this fascinating treasure hunt.

Harold Macmillan scratching his head.

We won't reveal her exact involvement - after all, where would be the mystery if we did?

But, what we will say, is that you're going to need an excess of those little grey cells if you are going to locate her, and they're going to have to start working overtime if you are going to then solve the clue that she will be hiding from you.

But, worry not, the clue is there, and it is solvable.

So, you will, no doubt, feel a great sense of pride, mingled with a great sense of relief, when you have pitted your wits against one of the greatest minds to have ever graced the pages of detective fiction and, hopefully, have emerged victorious, ready to move on to your next encounter with whoever it may be.

However, although the clue is solvable, it is going to take your team a little time to find it, as it is. to say the least. somewhat hidden.


Teams competing in the Seven Dials Treasure Hunt.

Where the film maker Monty Python lived during several of his most productive and creative years?

What horrible joke the local aquatic horologists played on passing pedestrians between 1982 and 1990?

Who was the first woman to have three plays running at three separate West End theatres at the same time?

Why Lady Isabella Somerset decided to open a farm for inebriate women?

A white face from one of the signs in Cecil Court.

How that strange looking face to the right is, in any way, relevant to the tasks you must perform on the treasure hunt?

If your answer to any, or all, of the above questions is "no, why would I?" Then worry not. For the Seven Dials and Covent Garden Treasure Hunt will come galloping to the rescue and will provide you with the answers to all these conundrums, and many more besides.

That is if you are observant enough to find those answers!

Because, this most certainly won't be a cakewalk, not by any measure.

It will be a combination of challenges and conundrums, some of which you will solve quickly, and others of which will require a little more time, and a little more thought, to ensure that you arrive at the correct solution.

You'll need to be alert throughout, always on the look out for that one blue plaque, that one tiny information board, that one statue, or that unassuming shop window that holds the solution to your next clue.

Because, like all our treasure hunts, the solutions to all your challenges will be hiding in plain sight.

But, even though they're obvious, they are still hiding.

So, your powers of observation are going to be stretched to the limits as you find your way from clue to clue, desperately trying to seek out the solutions to your cunningly concealed cryptic clues whilst, at the same time, hunting for those little nuggets of information that might spell the difference between victory or defeat.


Participants work on their Seven Dials clues and challenges.

This is a really great part of London in which to enjoy a treasure hunt.

One minute, you're pushing your way through the busy crowds that throng Covent Garden, the next, you've turned into a narrow passageway and, suddenly, the rush and noise of modern London, disappears, and you get the distinct feeling that you've somehow strayed into a time-warp where the everyday life of bygone London is still going on - seemingly oblivious to the fact that times have changed, and totally unobserved by the heaving masses of the 21st century citizenry without.

Indeed, the route is liberally peppered with so many of these wonderful old and atmospheric places that you'll really get a feel for the history of this wonderful quarter as you and your team mates pick your way around the route of this challenging, but fascinating, treasure hunt which, when all is said and done, might well turn into your very own odyssey.

In essence, the Seven Dials and Covent Garden Treasure Hunt combines all the ingredients that a good team building treasure hunt should possess.

A great route to explore and discover.

Fascinating facts and genuine nuggets of information for yourself and your team mates to root out.

A competitive element that ensures that you don't get too waylaid by the rich abundance of things to see in the area.

And, a truly great end point at which you can relax, mark your sheets and see which of the teams paid the most attention as they made their way around the route.

In short, a great time will be had by all, and that's a promise.



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