A Quick Guide To Our London Treasure Hunt Pricing

Our pricing is totally transparent. The price we quote is the price you will pay. There will be no additional hidden costs. We provide you with everything that is needed to complete our treasure hunts. Also, remember that all our treasure hunts are printed on 100% waterproof paper.

Self Managed

Our self Managed, pre-written, Treasure Hunts start at £140 for four team packs. Additional packs cost £16.50. Postage and package is free and they are sent by next day tracked delivery.


For our managed option, one of our experienced event managers comes to you and orchestrates the entire event. Prices start at £550 for up to six teams. Additional packs are £16.50.

Self Managed Bespoke

For the self-managed bespoke option we write a treasure hunt to your exact specification. The cost is £550 for up to 6 teams. Additional packs are £16.50 each.

Managed Bespoke

For the managed bespoke option we charge £550 to write the treasure hunt plus £300 for an event manager. This covers up to 8 teams. Additional teams are just £16.50 each.

Food and Drink

If you would like to arrange a meal or buffet at the end of the treasure hunt, we will put you in touch with the end venue so that you can discuss your exact requirements with them.

Delivery Options

To ensure that you have the most up to date hunt, packs are normally sent close to the date on which you intend to do it. We can also offer next day delivery for an extra charge of £20

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