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Furtive, fruity and thoroughly fascinating!

The Savoy Hotel's depiction of Casper the lucky cat.


Explore the hidden places of one of London's most boisterous and vibrant neighbourhoods on this lively and fascinating quest that offers fun and fascination in equal measure.

Let our cunning clues take you through narrow and twisting alleyways as you journey into the secret and hidden places of this intriguing area.

You will need to find information that might be on walls or hidden in doorways on a wide variety of famous, and not so famous, landmarks as your team attempts to pull ahead of the pack and get into the lead.

But don't forget that all the other teams are on your trail and all it takes is one wrong turn, one misinterpreted clue, or - perish the thought - one missed observation clue and they might well pip you to the post!

How would you feel then?

Yet, by taking your time, observing your surroundings, and leaving no stone unturned, or at least un-looked under, you have the potential to be a member of the team that romps home first and beats all the other teams into disgrace!


Teams attempting various tasks on the Covent Garden Treasure Hunt.

This Treasure hunt has proved particularly popular with Hen Parties who are looking for something just a little bit different with which to begin their celebrations.

However, it is equally as popular for team building away days or area familiarisation days for companies that are moving into or who have just moved into the area around Covent Garden and Strand.

Although there are no pub stops on the Treasure Hunt itself the route does pass by a veritable and varied smattering of historic taverns and lively wine bars, so there's nothing to stop the teams from stopping off for refreshments at any of these establishments.

The route itself is both varied and interesting combining as it does old monuments, hidden courtyards and truly secret places.

Theatres, churches, snuff shops and ancient gates all blend harmoniously to present a treasure hunt that is as enjoyable as it is challenging.


The cast of historical characters who pop up to present you with clues is also rich and varied. Charles Dickens, Samuel Pepys, Nell Gwynne, Michael Faraday and even Sherlock Holmes are just a few of the famous names from the past who have found their way into this Covent Garden Treasure Hunt.

The statue of John of Gaunt outside the Savoy Hotel.

Add to these names a rich brew of ancient curiosities, and statues to famous and forgotten former residents, and the stage is set for a memorable and thought provoking quest that will stretch your wits to their limits but that will also fire your imagination and get those little grey cells working overtime.

And, boy oh boy, will you have to get those grey cells working hard.

The challenges come thick and fast as you make your way around the route, but you will not know where or when they are going to turn up.

As a result you're going to have to really work together as a team to ensure that you don't go stomping past the solutions to the observation questions and the photo challenges.

They are there, the problem is they can sometimes be so obvious that you simply don't notice them, which, if you think about it, makes for a fantastic (some might say frustrating) challenge.

And don't think that, just because you know this well known part of London well, you're going to have the advantage over opposing teams who, perhaps, don't know it at all. Indeed, knowing the area can be a positive disadvantage since it tempts you to make presumptions about the tasks at hand - assumptions that, quite often, turn out to be the wrong ones!

Only by reading the clues carefully, following their instructions to the letter, and working with your team mates to spot those things that you need to spot, will you stand a chance of being on the team that emerges, victorious, from the twilight of the Covent Garden alleyways and passages.


How you find the answers is completely up to you.

As we say, there is no such thing as cheating on the Covent Garden Treasure Hunt there is only initiative!

So, by fair means or foul, it should be possible to find the answer to each question, dig out the solutions to the photo challenges, ride rough shod over the riddles that are the cryptic clues and, as if by magic, you will reach the end venue where diligent marking will decide whether your team will be named the Covent Garden treasure hunt champs, or the treasure hunt chumps!


Teams taking part in some of their challenges on the Covent Garden quest.

So, whether you are looking for a team building activity, an evening event that will get yourself, your friends and work colleagues out onto the streets of London, or even an enjoyable Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon for a social gathering, hen party or birthday party, this exciting and vibrant neighbourhood will furnish you with a truly memorable outing that will be both fun and rewarding.



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